September 21, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Unity of Sedona
65 Deer Trail Dr
Sedona,AZ 86336
$20 Early Bird/ $25 cash at the Door
Deborah El'elia & Leo Knighton Tallarico207-653-7823 or 207-653-7717E-mailEvent website

Thursday, September 21st ~

Heart Exchange: $20 Early Bird / $25 at the door

Astrological Talk
with Leo Knighton Tallarico

We are in a very important and intense time period now, in transition into the Age of Aquarius. All the seeming craziness and turmoil is part of this transition. Transformation of consciousness and lives is needed now, so we can each be aligned with the energies of this New Age. There are ‘Planets of Transformation’ in Astrology that are emissaries and catalysts for the Age of Aquarius. In this talk, you will learn about these planets, how they have affected us in the past, and how they may be affecting our lives now. When one of those ‘Transformational Planets’ activates your personal natal chart by transit, you are presented with events and inner shifts that require a releasing of the old paradigm inside you, in the patterns of your relationships, work, and life. As you surrender to this transformation, new light can enter and awaken you, shift your priorities and patterns, and give you
a rebirth of your c
onsciousness and the varied facets of your Self and life.
*You may also register for our Workshop on Saturday, September 23
rd, 12-6pm,
as a follow up to this talk where Leo will look at each person’s individual chart
and will delve deeper into these Transformational Planets as they affect you.
**Leo is available for individual or couples astrology sessions while in Sedona
from September 12th-24
. FMI: soulus@aol.com


Equinox Transmission & Guided Meditation
with Deborah El’elia & the Enlightened Ones

Deborah El’elia will guide you deep into your heart where you will be taken on a powerful journey to the Temple of Healing and Reunification on the Inner Spiritual Planes. Here we will receive an initiation of our Feminine and Masculine Pillars of Light, bringing us into Divine Balance within… As the Enlightened Ones guide us in a Ceremony of the Sacred Marriage of Light and Dark, Yin and Yang, Divine Feminine and Masculine, Love and Truth, Compassion and Wisdom, Christ & Magdalene. As we come into Divine Balance on this sacred day of the Equinox, we will be able to Walk the Middle Way, in Balance and Peace. It is from this place within, that we can seed and create PEACE on beloved Gaia and with each other in sacred community as we birth the New Golden Age of Aquarius together. We will close with a labyrinth walk to help integrate and ground our journey.
*Deborah El’elia is also available for Channeled sessions from
the Sisterhood of Light while in Sedona from September 12th-24th.
FMI please contact Deborah El’elia at: elelia@templeoftheheart.com
or call: 207-653-7823

About Deborah El’elia & Leo

Leo has been a full time professional astrologer, counselor and spiritual guide for over 30 years, having his own radio show in Santa Fe, New Mexico; doing astrology forecasts on various shows, teaching at the University of San Francisco and other venues; co-directing the meditation and psychic training of Silva Mind Control, co-directing the Spiritual Renaissance Center in Portland, Maine with his wife Deborah, and now specializing in transformational crisis counseling and couples’ counseling using astrology as a main tool of that work. Check out his weekly astrological forecast and blog at:
www.spiritualtherapy.wordpress.com/ www.leoknightontallarico.com / www.spiritualrenaissance.com


Deborah ‘El’elia Christos’ is a voice and channel for the Divine Feminine on Earth. From her heart flows pure love, compassion, wisdom and grace to bless and initiate many beings at this time of profound spiritual awakening. She lovingly guides individuals and groups through deep soul healing and transformation back to the love, wisdom and divinity of their heart, into greater spiritual alignment with Source, the Divine Feminine and the sacredness of all life. She has been a spiritual psychotherapist, soul healer, divine feminine channel and priestess for over 30 years and has been facilitating women’s spirituality groups, ceremonies, and priestess trainings for over 20. She is founder of Gaia Sophia Temple of the Heart, Co-director of Spiritual Renaissance Center and a mentor of the Divine University of Light. www.templeoftheheart.com and www.spiritualrenaissance.com

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FMI contact Leo at: soulus@aol.com or Deborah El’elia at: elelia@templeoftheheart.com