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Deborah’s Bio

Deborah Knighton Tallarico
Aka: El’elia Jahmika Christos

Deborah El’elia grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area where she first began her study of psychology, holistic healing, metaphysics and spirituality. As a young girl she was a spiritual seeker, connected to nature, ritual, crystals, stones, trees, the spirit world and the sacredness of all life. She was also very sensitive, open-hearted and empathic, often feeling the pain of those around her. At 13, after a trip to England and Wales, home of her ancestors, and breaking her ankle not long afterwards, it became more and more evident that she wanted to help people and enter the healing profession. She then began volunteer work and at 17 started college to study Psychology and Social Work. In 1979, she received her BSW Degree in Social Work, from Central Michigan University, and began counseling others.

After undergraduate school, a Dark Night of the Soul, and many spiritual awakenings, it wasn’t long before Deborah grew disillusioned with the field of traditional psychology and went on a search to find a mode of healing that was more holistic and that deeply honored the Spirit and Soul of a person as an integral part of the healing process. It was in 1982 that she first discovered Transpersonal Psychology. Within 6 months she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin graduate study in Transpersonal Psychology in the Graduate School of Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California (now located in Pleasant Hill, CA). For two of her four years in graduate school she also studied Healing Art Therapy in the Arts & Consciousness program at JFK, and in 1986 completed her graduate work, receiving her Master of Arts Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. While in graduate school she received extensive training in: Transpersonal, Jungian, Archetypal, Existential and Humanistic Psychology, Psycho- Synthesis, Sandplay Therapy, Dream-work, Symbolism, Ritual, Art and Healing, as well as Group Work.

Deborah has continued her devotion to serving others for over 30 years and has counseled people from all walks of life for the past twenty-five. During this time she has worked in various social service agencies & healing centers including 8 years in a Child Abuse/Sexual Abuse Treatment Program and in 1995, she received an award for her outstanding work in the area of child abuse and neglect.

She has been in private practice since 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Fe, New Mexico and now in South Portland, Maine. She is an visionary writer, and the publisher of Spiritual Renaissance Publication, which began in 1997, & Co-Director/Founder of the Spiritual Renaissance Center with her husband Leo.

From a family of teachers and healers of Celtic descent, it was not surprising that her passion for natural and spiritual healing developed from a young age. Her maternal great-grandfather was a well-known herbal healer in Wales. Both her grandmothers were very spiritual, and her paternal Irish grandmother was one of the first women to ever attend Chiropractic school and was involved in intuitive/psychic hands-on-healing, and attended Edgar Cayce groups. She has always felt the love and spiritual influence of her ancestors.

It was in her early 20’s, along side her training in psychology, that Deborah began exploring her passions for flower essences, the healing properties of herbs, color, stones and crystals, the symbolic wisdom of astrology, tarot, divination, as well as ancient mysteries and healing ways, meditation, altered states of consciousness, and many metaphysical, spiritual and mystical traditions East and West; from the ancient Goddess traditions, to Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnosticism, Taoism, Native American, Mayan, Shamanic, Celtic, Earth-based and New Age traditions. What she found was the intrinsic oneness and connection of all the world spiritual traditions that have greatly enriched her life experience. She has a great reverence for the ancient mystery traditions as well as the new codes and spiritual energies that are flooding the earth at this time and has a strong affinity for the wisdom and prophesies of the Maya, Hopi and other indigenous peoples. She has learned that LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, ONENESS and UNITY are the Universal Energies that underlie and hold ALL LIFE together and this is the foundation of her spiritual path and her life.

In 1987, Deborah was ordained as a Universal Life Minister, and in 2002, after 3 years of extensive study and training, was ordained as a Priestess of The Fellowship of Isis. In the Autumn of 2006, Deborah completed another level of priestess initiation and ordination through the 13 Moon Oracle, the 13 Temples/Archetypes of the Divine Feminine with Ariel Spilsbury, author of The 13 Moon Oracle, The Alchemy of Ecstasy, and co-author of The Mayan Oracle and continued to work with this Oracle and Ariel for another 13 moon cycle. This was one of the most powerful spiritual initiations of her life and took her into a deeper resonance with her Soul, with the Love of the Divine Mother in all Her aspects, and with the Love of the One Heart of All-That-Is.

In 2008, Deborah went through a year of spiritual initiation through the many levels of the Gaiadon Heart Activations with Anne Hermans here in Maine & with founder Saranya Zaveri, a spiritual teacher and guide from India. This work was a continuation of the Melchizedek Method founded by Alton Camadon and focused on the light-body and multi-dimensional self and is rooted in sacred geometry and the ancient mystery traditions.

In 2009, Deborah began more in-depth spiritual training and initiation through the Self-Mastery School of Tantra, which is part of the Divine University in Byron Bay, Australia. This was a profound healing of the feminine and masculine energies both within herself & on earth, and required doing daily tantric energy practices, and other powerful activations and meditations. This was one of the most personally and spiritually transformational years of her life and a profound initiation of her multi-dimensional self, her light-body, her self-mastery and Divine Presence on Earth. Through this work Deborah El’elia deepened her relationship with the Family of Light and the Ascended Masters she is so profoundly grateful to. She has been over-souled by Mother Mary and Lady Nada for the past few years and is deeply connected to the Sisterhood of the Light and the many gifted Masters. During this time Deborah was given the spiritual name, El’elia Jahmika Christos, from the masters through her teacher and guide Qala Sri’Ama Phoenix. She is forever grateful to the Divine University and the Celestial Project for their profound devotion to the healing and ascension of Mother Gaia, to her teachers Qala Sri’Ama & Illumina Christos and all the other amazing beings she is now connected to through the DU. She continues her deep connection with the Divine University and all their wonderful service projects to this day. In 2010 she worked with another DU teacher, Ishtar, and is in the process of completing her training as a Divine Channel. For more information on the Divine University visit:

One of Deborah’s greatest passion these days is learning Sound Healing and she is in currently receiving additional training in this area of healing as well as in reading the Akashic records.

Since 1999, Deborah has been creating sacred Alchemical Gem Elixirs at powerful astrological moments that she uses in her healing practice. In 2001-02, Deborah apprenticed in the Wise Woman Tradition of Herbal Healing with Blade of Earth Wisdom Teachings in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To this day, she continues her study and attunement with the spirits of nature through her love of the plants, herbs, trees, animals, stones, crystals and flowers around her in her sweet home in Scarborough, Maine, where she lives with her husband Leo and their two cats, Emily and Ewok.

Deborah El’elia continues her on-going devotion to the priestess path and to helping others find their own direct connection to Mother Earth Gaia, the Divine Mother, to their own Higher Self and the Divine, and most importantly to the LOVE of the One Heart of All-That-Is. She is a visionary for the Golden Age and a dedicated emissary and way-shower of the New Earth Consciousness of Love and Unity.

Deborah’s deepest passion is to bring a sense of Sacredness, Beauty and Love to all that she does and to live life in harmony with Mother Earth Gaia, all creatures & beings, the natural seasonal & lunar cycles and the Universal Spirit, Divine Mother/Father, God-Goddess, All-That-Is.

Deborah also offers Spirituality Groups & Workshops, Community Ceremonies at Lunar and Seasonal Passages as well as Personal Rites of Passage Ceremonies for couples, individuals and groups. (Please see information about ceremonial services)

She is available for In-depth Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Healing Sessions & Ceremonies, by appointment and for phone counseling for those out of the Portland Area. She can be reached at: (207) 883-1081 or (207) 653-7823 or by e-mail at: Please also visit her services page to learn more about the services she offers.

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