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Inner Child & Past Life Regression Therapy

Inner Child & Past-life Regression Therapy helps you go back in time to find the “missing” pieces, to remember & release old memories, wounds, past traumas, conflicts, karmic patterns & core belief systems held from your past. This is a gentle process that can be profoundly healing and has the potential to greatly shift the energies of your life.

Often times this regression takes you back to earlier memories in this life-time from your childhood that need healing, sometimes never even needing to go to a past-life or time before this incarnation. You don’t have to believe in past-lives to benefit from this very deep and healing process.

This is very gentle and non-threatening process as I take you into a peaceful and relaxed state of being. As I do this your Higher Self and your Spiritual Guides are asked to come forth to help guide you back in time to exactly the memories you are ready to see. You will never be guided to remember something you are not ready to see and you do not have to re-experience the earlier memory or trauma, but rather look upon it as an observer. From this compassionate and powerful process, energetic shifts and deep Soul healing are possible that will have a lasting effect in your life. You may also experience a weight being lifted off of you and greater freedom in your life.

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