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Priestess Services & Ceremonies

* For your Personal Healing & Rites of Passage

* Sacred & Loving Ceremonies for All Occasions

I began creating simple ceremonies when I was a very young child and have been creating and facilitating ceremonies for others for the past 30+ years. Holding all life as sacred and taking time to stop and honor our personal rites of passage in life is one of my greatest passions, as is honoring all the seasons and cycles of life. Doing this brings such richness and depth to our lives.

As an ordained minister and priestess I help you create a ceremony that is deeply meaningful, sacred and honoring of your life passage, be it a marriage, a birth or a death and letting go, a career change or divorce, I am here to give you the spiritual support you need and to help create the ceremony that is aligned with who you are, your emotional needs, and your own unique spiritual path.

In my ceremonies I call upon the Spiritual support of the Family of Light, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels, Mother Earth, Nature Spirits, the Directions and Elements, the Ancestors and Ancient Ones and whatever spiritual beings and guides you feel most connected with.

HEALING CEREMONIES: can help you release old patterns, invoke healing energies, empower your new intentions & visions, honor your life transitions & rites of passage in a sacred way, and bring a deeper sense of spiritual support & guidance to your life. These ceremonies are deeply transformative and bring a deeper sense of spiritual support & guidance to your life.

RITES OF PASSAGE: I provide ceremonial services to help make your personal rite of passage deep, meaningful and sacred for you. Each ceremony or healing ritual is created to meet your own personal, emotional and spiritual needs. The ceremonies are eclectic, creative, non-traditional or more traditional depending on what you need, and honor all spiritual and mystical paths. Counseling and Divination are also available to help you through your rite of passage. For those out of the area I will help you create your own sacred ceremonies. I also offer counseling to support you through sacred crossroads and to help you move through your rite of passage in a conscious and sacred way. This may include individual or couples counseling as well as pre-marital counseling.

Sacred, Loving & Healing Ceremonies for All Occasions

  • Marriage, Partnerships, Unions and Weddings
  • Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Naming
  • Birthdays & Celebrations
  • “Coming of Age”/ Puberty & Menarche
  • Mid-life, Menopause, Croning and Aging
  • Completions & Endings
  • Divorce and Relationship Change
  • Passing Over, Bereavement , Funerals and Memorials
  • Abortion and Miscarriage
  • Loss, Grief and Letting Go
  • Internal Passages and Personal Transformation


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