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Ancient Wise Woman Healing Ways

Charles Frizzell: Song of the Tree Spirits

Charles Frizzell: Song of the Tree Spirits

I use ancient earth wisdom with the healing energies of nature & the natural universal cycles to help you heal and transform, including: astrology, divination, herbs, chakra work, crystal & energy healing.

I have apprenticed in the Wise Woman Tradition of Herbal Healing and before this studied the ancient earth wisdom and ceremonies of many nature-based traditions including, Celtic, Pagan, Native American and Goddess traditions. I use the basic principles of these traditions in my practice when needed.

The wise woman tradition is an ancient tradition based on working with nature in a simple way, and is based on a philosophy of nourishment. Often using the healing energies of nature that are right in your backyard or in nature around you. As we nourish we help heal. As we connect with nature around us, the spirit of the plants, stones, crystals, flowers, trees, and creatures we deepen our healing. As we connect with the natural cycles of the seasons and lunar phases we come into greater alignment.

The wise woman tradition also looks at “symptoms” as coming from the wisdom of our bodies, heart, soul and spirit. Our pain and “symptoms” are explored for the gifts and blessings they bring us. The wise woman tradition also uses simple ritual and ceremony to bring us in deeper contact with nature, Mother Earth, Seasonal and Lunar cycles as well as larger Universal energies. This is an area of great passion and constant study, honoring and hands-on personal learning for me. It is a powerful and humbling experience.

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