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Spiritual Psychotherapy, Counseling & Healing

A Heart & Soul Centered Spiritual Approach

“Who looks outside, dreams….who looks inside, awakens.” -Carl Jung

* Deep & Gentle Healing for the Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit
* A Safe & Loving Space for the Birth & Emergence of your True Self
* Direction, Guidance & Inspiration for your Soul’s Journey
* Counseling at the Crossroads of Life

The Heart & Soul Centered Spiritual Psychotherapy & Counseling that I offer has evolved from years of helping people heal and has its’ foundation in Humanistic, Transpersonal, Existential & Jungian Archetypal Depth Psychology as well as holistic philosophy, ancient healing ways, the spiritual and mystical traditions of the Ages.

The word “psychotherapy” originally meant the nurturing & care of the “Spirit” or “Psyche-Soul”. Viewed in this deeper way, a psychotherapist can be seen as a Doctor or Midwife for the Soul; someone who sees each person in a larger context of their Soul’s sacred journey of growth, integration & evolution; a person who provides a safe and unconditionally accepting therapeutic environment, the necessary “sacred vessel” and “womb space” for the deep healing, tending and flowering of the Soul and the birth of the True Self, one who guides you to your own inner strengths & abilities, and helps you see your life as a sacred & meaningful journey full of great depth, joy, magic & synchronicity.

It is the quality of our life & how deeply connected we are to our Soul’s purpose, to our True Authentic Self, to people we love, to a Divine Universal Source, to nature & the sacred, to our true passion & our heart’s desire that really matters and that brings us a deep sense of well-being…

“The Soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed.
The Soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.” 
~ Kahlil Gibran

As a counselor and guide, my heartfelt intention with all my clients is to hold a sacred and loving space, a crucible for deep healing, exploration and growth; a safe harbor to ground you through life’s challenges, crises, transitions and rites of passage; and a new lens to bring meaning and spiritual perspective to your life. I am dedicated to being fully present and to listening deeply to what underlies your words, to hear the deeper communication of your Soul.

From this place of deep presence & compassion, I listen to my heart & intuition to help direct the sessions & bring you into a deeper resonance with your Soul’s Essence, your authentic feelings, your heart’s inner knowing, your Higher Self & the Divine, the true Source of all healing.

I serve as a loving guide, witness and ally on your healing journey home to your heart, to a full remembrance of Who You Really Are.

The healing of our Planet begins within each one of us. As we heal, this ripples out to heal the Collective Human Soul & our Mother Earth.

To support this work I integrate various healing modalities including: Inner Child & Past-Life Regression Therapy, Dreamwork, Flower & Gem Essences, and Crystal Sound Energy Healing.

Spiritual Psychotherapy & Counseling

can help you:

  • Heal the wounds of your past from emotional, physical and sexual abuse trauma, family of origin issues, dysfunctional relationships & families, loss, grief, bereavement and abandonment issues.
  • Release guilt, shame, humiliation, disappointment, resentment, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness and grief.
  • Explore your deepest feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes, passions, dreams, and visions with an open heart and mind.
  • Transform and break-free from old belief systems, unhealthy life patterns, depression, personal, familial, cultural and ancestral patterns that no longer serve who you are becoming.
  • Resolve inner conflicts, find personal integration and inner peace.
  • Re-member, accept and embrace Who You Really Are.
  • Develop Self-Love, forgiveness, compassion and acceptance, as well as inner strength and personal empowerment.
  • Honor your sacred gifts and abilities.
  • Move through Rites of Passage & Life Transitions with clarity, awareness & strength, and honor them in a sacred way.
  • Become empowered to create healthy boundaries and self-respect where you can speak your true feelings and deepest Truth.
  • Heal relationship, sexuality and intimacy issues and learn to develop healthy relationships.
  • Find deep meaning & spiritual perspective during times of crisis, change & life transition.
  • Create the life and relationships your heart most deeply desires.
  • Align with your Soul’s Purpose here on earth and walk your own Spiritual Path through life.
  • Develop a strong personal connection with Mother Earth, your Higher Self and Creator/Universal Source.
  • Live your life as a Sacred and Meaningful Journey

Deborah Knighton Tallarico, MA/Transpersonal Psychology, is a Licensed Psychotherapist/Counselor who has been counseling people from all walks of life for nearly 30 years. Her approach is spiritual, compassionate, intuitive and healing. To learn more about Deborah’s professional background and experience click here.

To make an appointment by phone or in person please call: (207) 653-7823 or email her at:



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