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Temple Of The Heart Services

The essence of all healing comes from a Divine Source
And that Source is Love!!!

At the Temple of the Heart, I am devoted to holding a sacred & loving space to support your unique process of healing, growth & transformation. I am here to serve as a compassionate witness and loving guide, a strong ally on your soul’s journey of healing and Spiritual awakening. I will help you come home to the Temple of your Heart where your Soul can open & flower in an environment of deep love, forgiveness and compassion. I will guide you to your own inner strength & to the wisdom of your body, mind, heart, Soul & Spirit. I will help you connect with your Higher Self & your Soul’s deeper purpose and guide you on your own unique spiritual journey, supporting & empowering you to live the Life you have come here to live.

To help you on your Soul’s healing journey I offer Psychotherapy, Counseling & Healing Services using a wide-range of healing modalities.

To guide you on your spiritual path and enlighten your journey I also offer many Spiritual Services.

Spiritual Psychotherapy, Counseling, Healing & Guidance Services


It is the quality of our life & how deeply connected we are to our Soul’s purpose, to our True Authentic Self, to people we love, to a Divine Universal Source, to nature & the sacred, to our true passion & our heart’s desire that brings us a deep sense of well-being & wholeness.

Deborah Knighton Tallarico, MA, LCPC
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
MA: Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
BSW: Bachelor of Social Work Degree
Ordained Minister & Priestess
Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist
Gem & Flower Essence Practitioner

To her counseling, healing & spiritual work Deborah brings a loving, empathic heart & a strong spiritual presence along with years of devoted spiritual practice & dedicated study in the areas of Transpersonal/ Jungian Psychology, Dream-work, Sandplay, Art & Healing, Sacred Ceremony, Holistic & Natural Healing, Flower & Gem Essences, Crystal Healing, Astrology, Archetypal Symbolic Systems, Eastern, Western & Nature-Based Spiritual Traditions & Ancient Wise Woman Healing Ways.

Deborah is dedicated to the healing & empowerment of individuals & groups, and to bringing Universal Love, Compassion and Truth to the Earth as we transition into the Aquarian Age.

To Learn more about Deborah please click here.


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