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Earth Wisdom




A Sacred Guide to the Seasons and Cycles of Life on Planet Earth


Mid-Spring Festival of Beltane: Celebration of the Sacred Marriage

Evening of April 30th – evening of May 2nd


All around the world since ancient times, this period of year has been the time to celebrate the fertility of Mother Earth, the burgeoning of sexuality, and the Divine Union of the Masculine and Feminine. It is the sacred time of Mid-Spring, the mid-point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, and is observed around the world as one of the eight great festivals of the year. The rising of the Pleiades, for the first time of the year, is the signal of the start of Beltane. The word Beltane contains the name of the god known as Bel and the Celtic God Belenus, and thus the phallic implications of the maypole with its’ connected streamers, and the traditional celebration of dancing around the maypole, weaving the ribbons of energies together and bringing abundance to the Earth. This is a time to celebrate and dance, to honor your own inner sacred marriage, the mysterium conjunctionus or Mystical Union, a wonderful time to do a ceremony wedding your inner Feminine and Masculine energies, and to celebrate your outer relationships.


SUN in GEMINI: May 20th, at 5:09 PM (EDT)

During Gemini time the energies are light and airy, and communication is a focus, communication with others and also with the Nature Spirits and Elementals. A good time of year to join together with friends, discussing interesting topics and ideas, and gathering information, and to join together socially to share fun, joy and laughter, seeing and feeling the Lightness of Being.
It’s also a wonderful time to commune with Nature and all her wonders!!


Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse, Saturday, May 25th at 12:25 AM (EDT)
Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse

Please remember when there is an eclipse that may be aware of the shadow side of this basic full moon energy and may be drawn to clear old patterns around it. Feel your desire to soar to the heights of consciousness, to receive New Vision, to look down and see the big picture, the higher purpose and greater meaning of life. Remember that at every Full Moon the Sun and Moon are opposite each other and there is always a dance of these opposing energies in the cosmos. So at this Full Moon the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Sagittarius, so allow your self to philosophize and connect with larger Universal energies (Sagittarius), but remember to check out the details as well (Gemini). Feel the expansiveness of your connection to the Higher Universal Truths. In the New Age, this Full Moon is considered the Festival of the Christ, the month following the powerful Buddha Wesak Full Moon. At this full moon the focus is on humanity aspiring to embody Christ Consciousness as we enter the New Earth Consciousness, to become Christed beings, and to feel our Oneness with our Divine Presence and God/Goddess All-That-Is. Being that is an eclipse you count on the energies being much more POWERFUL.

Gemini New Moon- Saturday, June 8th at 11:56 AM (EDT)

At this powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon, with the sun and moon in Gemini, set new goals for yourself around learning, writing, and communication, including communication with the faerye realms and nature spirits. Any issues you may have around communication that have been in the shadow may be brought to the surface now and you may also have new awareness in this area of your life. This is a wonderful time to pay attention to partnerships of all kinds in your life and to finding allies of like mind, and having gatherings of friends and family.
Pay special attention to the nature spirits and especially to the Air Elementals and Fairies as well.


SUMMER SOLSTICE- Friday, June 21st, at 1:04 AM (EDT)

SUN moves into CANCER

On this day, in the northern hemisphere we honor Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year. In the southern hemisphere it is their Winter Solstice. At Summer Solstice there are many ceremonies to honor the Sun and the Sun Gods including Sun dances in many of the indigenous native American cultures, who refer to the sun as Grandfather Sun. At this time make sure to honor and give thanks to our expansive and warming sun that brings so much to us in our lives.


Cancer is the sign of the Universal Mother and is the “mother” archetype of zodiac.  It is during this time that the birthing and nurturing aspect of the Divine Mother, are felt most strongly upon the Earth. Blessed Mother Mary is the over-souling Master of this time and it is She to call upon for unconditional love, mercy and the deepest of compassion. During this time, you may feel a need to go within and nurture whatever “home” and family means to you and to really pay attention to your personal needs, to nurture and “mother” yourself and others.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon and it is especially important during this time to pay attention to the phases of the Moon. Feel the changing faces of your own inner psyche, explore and honor your feelings and emotions, and their natural ebb and flow, like the tides of the ocean of which the Moon has great influence upon. The Moon also symbolizes the realms of the deep unconscious of dreams, feelings, images and psychic impressions. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition, which will be strong at this time. Allow yourself to be nurtured by the deep well of your feelings and guided by the images of your dream-time and the mysteries of the unknown. The higher spiritual focus now is on the cleansing and purification of the psychic and astral fields and the deep waters of the unconscious.

Capricorn Full Moon: Sunday, June 23rd at 7:32 AM (EDT).

I call this Full Moon the Divine Mother/Father Full Moon it is also known as the Red/Mother full Moon. At this Full Moon with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn the father) you may want to look at ways to find balance between outer structure and security (Saturn) and issues of inner safety and security (Cancer-Mother). Focus on bringing forth the nourishing, nurturing, supporting energies of Mother (Cancer) Earth (Capricorn) and the Great Mother, as well as become aware of the relationship between “Mother” and “Father” in your Self and in your life. Look at how you nurture yourself and others, and how you set appropriate boundaries and structures for yourself that will “hold you” and protect you as well as nurture you. Creating a Full Moon ceremony on Mother Earth, focusing on this balance and invoking her fullness and power, can be personally empowering.

Cancer New Moon: Monday, July 8th at 3:14 AM (EDT)

With the Sun and Moon conjoined in Cancer, and it being a Partial Solar Eclipse, everything mentioned above will be amplified and very powerful. It is also a Grand Cross that day, so please refer to Leo’s Perspective from the Sky for more details! At this New Moon you may feel particularly emotional, intuitive and attuned to the deeper mysteries, to the unknown and mystical side of life. The veils between the worlds will be thin and your psychic/intuitive abilities could be heightened. Take time to honor your dream-time and plan a dream incubation ceremony. Since this is a New Moon and a time for new beginnings, set seed intentions around nurturing and loving yourself. Take time to focus on the nurturing aspect of the Mother, nurture yourself, your children, Mother Earth, your community and your mate. Feel your own mothering energy and become aware of who you are drawn to nurture. You may also feel drawn to heal your relationship with “mother”, on all levels.

SUN in LEO: Monday, July 22nd at 11:56 AM (EDT)

Leo is ruled by the Sun, symbolizing the “heart” of things, and the realm of the inner child. It is often a very creative, self-expressive, lively, solar, outward and heart-centered time of year. As a fire sign, in mystical astrology, in its’ highest expression, Leo carries the vibration of the Flame of Love. During this time OPEN YOUR HEART and call upon the Flame of Love to purify and transform your heart into a radiant Ruby of Light and expansive Love. This is a time to allow your own inner Sun-Light to shine and express itself in it’s own unique way, time to birth your creativity, your spontaneous Self-Expression, and the utter Joy and Innocence of your Divine Inner Child.  Take time to meditate on the Divine flame of inspiration within your own heart center. Take time to play, create and birth your own renewed inner child. As you experience the radiance of your inner Sun may you shine this light and love to bless the world.

Aquarius Full Moon, Monday, July 22nd at 2:15 PM (EDT)

LAMMAS-July 31st -August 2nd

Lammas is one of the Sacred Turning points of the year, also known as Lughnasad to the Celtic people. This is the Mid-Summer festival of thanksgiving and celebration for the first grain harvest, celebrated with home-cooked breads and other fresh dishes of summer vegetables from the garden harvest. This time marks the mid-point between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox. At this time the fertility of the earth and the harvest of the life force is evident all around us, as grains and vegetables abound. This is a time of gratitude, a good time to pray in thanksgiving to the Corn Gods and Goddesses, to Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits for all they have brought forth to nourish us our bodies and souls. This also marks another turning point towards descent into greater darkness. In the Innana (Old Sumerian) and Ishtar (Old Babylonian) myths these Goddesses, Queens of Heaven begin the descent into the underworld. This is a time to connect with Mother Earth Gaia as she begins to withdraw and descend into the mounds and richness of the earth. Everything that is growing has just peaked and the first signs of death are evident in the golden rather than green colors of nature.

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